We are running for the State Senate to focus on issues that face our community, lost due to the unintended consequences of term limits. We need to resolve the foreclosure and home ownership crises. We will introduce legislation that will incentivize people who struggle to pay their bills, while being laughed at by their banks, to stay in their homes. We will also introduce legislation that will discourage predatory realtors (and attorneys) who convince homeowners that no one gets hurt if they “walk away” from their homes and obligations. It is the homeowners who are neighbors, pension funds that workers count on for their retirement, and the small investors who invested their life savings in mortgages who actually lose and are really the victims.

We have served OUR country in Vietnam in the 101st Airborne Division. We were proud to serve then and proud to serve now. We have authored and caused the passage of much legislation that has helped, seniors, veterans, the education of our children, and all taxpayers in this Great State of Nevada. Just a few examples are: mandating the teaching of the Declaration of Independence & the Bill of Rights in our Public Schools (SB 165); increasing the Veterans Property Tax Exemption for the first time since 1953 (SB156); protecting seniors from the unscrupulous who try to take over all their assets securing guardianships with false petitions (SB34); the first Veterans Home with mostly federal funds that belonged to Nevada Taxpayers; saving Nevada over $100 million each biennium by assisting legitimately handicapped citizens at no cost to their fellow taxpayers; and much, much more.

Being your State Senator is a high honor and privilege. Our strength is building a consensus, one from which all citizens benefit, not reaching down to find the lowest common denominator.

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